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The following Boar and Sow Lines will be Available this Spring

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We at BF Farm have been breeding quality KuneKunes Pigs for nearly 10 years. Our. We are one of the largest KuneKune Farms in the USA, our pigs enjoy access to 40ac of fenced in safe and secure grazing pastures. We sell and ship our pigs all over the United States and can assist in securing a reliable transporter. We now have 16 sow lines and 10 boar lines that enables us to offer Outcrossed and very low COI breeding stock . Our policy is to remain engaged with our customers and are always available to assist you with any issue that may come up. We can be reached anytime vi a Facebook, Email or Phone .

N​ew KuneKune Registry

  The IKKPS was established in 2022. The founder recognized the need for a registry that was solely dedicated to membership participation.  IKKPS is centered around helping a breeder be successful and has wide range of membership benefits.

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In 2022 A NEW REGISTERY WENT ON LINE.We beleive giving breeders as many options as possible only benefits the breed.