Exceptional KuneKunes and Therapy Pigs

The Pig Therapy Program that We Offer Brings Happiness and Comfort

Pigs are very smart and sensitive creatures, making them ideal for therapy pets or emotional support animals. KuneKune pigs make excellent therapy pigs because of their tiny size and gentle demeanor.

We provide the emotional experience of delivering our beautiful pigs and piglets to nursing homes and assisted living institutions in Missouri. We provide mentorship services to pig owners around the United States, assisting them with their needs and offering advice.

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Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Improving KuneKune Pig Breeding Through Extraordinary Selection

For twelve years, we at BF Farm have been producing high-quality KuneKunes Pigs. Ours. Being one of the biggest KuneKune Farms in the USA, we provide our pigs with 40 acres of fenced-in pastures for safe and secure grazing. We can help find a trustworthy transporter and sell and send our pigs throughout the United States. Our current 16 sow lines and 10 boar lines allow us to provide exceptionally low COI and outcrossed breeding stock. It is our policy to stay in contact with our clients and to be accessible to help you with any problems that may arise. You can contact us at any time via phone, email, or Facebook.
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“ The greatest rewards come when you give of yourself. It's about bettering the lives of others, being part of someth​ing bigger than yourself, and making a positive difference ”

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In 2022 A NEW REGISTERY WENT ON LINE.We beleive giving breeders as many options as possible only benefits the breed.