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The KuneKune Pig - Mahia Love Bloodline

The original bloodline in New Zealand is known as Mahia.  In honor of the British importer, Andy Case of Long Ash Farm,  Thatcher, from England and the bloodline name remains.  That was back in 2005.  In 2010, partnering with Tule Fog Farm to get pigs imported directly from New Zealand.  A “Mahia Love” boar, Hamish, who traces back to the original boar in the Mahia line.  Due to the custom to honor the importer, coupled with the fact that there had been decades and continents dividing the NZ, UK, and American herds, took the liberty to name this latest import as “Mahia Love”. “Mahia” from the original line name and “Love” from the name of the pig’s owner.  So, in fact, the  Mahia, Andrew, Mahia Love, and Tutanekai boar lines all trace back to the same original boar in New Zealand.  Hamish’s dam was inspected by the NZ committee and have honored the importer of the first NZ Tutanekai boar by allowing TFF to name the imported boar line dam is registered with the NZ Kunekune Association.