KuneKune Pigs for Meat

Rich pink to scarlet in color and marbled  

Pork isn't like the other white meats! Commercially raised pigs have always been bred for quick growth and lean musclemass. Traditional, older breeds (such as Kune Kunes) mature more slowly but produce meat that is richer and redder. Producing more traditioal breeds that reach market weight much faster, KuneKunes attain market weight at aound 14 months. Kune Kune meat will have a rich pink to scarlet color, marbled with luscious fat. Because the animals were fed mostly on grass, hay, and garden produce, the meat is tasty and nutrient-dense. Good quality fat lends flavor to sausage, bacon and dried meats. There are a huge range of products available to help you get started, from sausage casings to brine mixes, with online sellers offering an array of flavers and accessories. With some basic spice mixes, a mincer and a sausage stuffer you can produce high quality sausage.