Due to there smaller size and docile temperment the KuneKune pigs is ideal for smaller farms or homesteads. As a rule, KuneKunes do not root like most other breeds. Pigs are hardy, good-natured, peerless foragers that take up little space, making them ideal for raising grass-fed pork by families that prefer small, succulent cuts of tasty meat. Easly kept with other farm animals like goats or sheep.

Since KuneKune’s get the majority of their diet from pasture and live their life outside, their pork has a premium texture and taste. The meat is a deep pink color as opposed to the pale, drab white commonly seen in industrially raised pork.

Additionally, while I personally can’t stand to eat the fat from industrially raised meat (I’m the one who always has strips of fat left on their plate after eating), the fat on pasture-raised pork is tender, clean, and tastes incredible. You can’t help but eat the whole thing.