Pigs called kunekune, which are pronouced "cooney cooney," are a wise choice for small farms. Kunekune is a Maori word that means "big and round." These medium-sized, tasseled, sweet-natured pigs are native to New Zealand. Although no one is certain, it is believed that they are a hybrid of pigs from Indonesia and Berkshire, Poland China, and possibly Gloucester Old Spots.


2022 KuneKune Farrowing Season
April 23, 2022

Litter #10 is by Jackie (DWF Jenny 10). She farrowed a litter of 8 piglets today. They are solid Black, White/Brown, & Ginger/Black (we will have to double check because some may be brown), & Ginger/Black/White. Her piglets are usually our friendliest, so we are looking forward to a pile of piglets around our feet waiting for belly rubs. She also goes by Jackie Wacky & Whack-a-Jack. The piglets are sired by Lorenzo (Registry: SVK Tutanekai 2/Society: SVK Mahia Love TF 2). The Tutanekai (aka Mahia Love "TF" with the AKKPS) boar line is the rarest KuneKune boar line. A quick search in the herdbooks showed 104 listed with the IKHR & 175 with the AKKPS.