KuneKune Vaccines & Worming


I am not a big fan of vaccinations; this is a controversial topic and many breeder’s religiosity vaccinate and others do not.  Most people who raise KuneKunes do it on a small scale and I believe it not necessary. Vaccines need a heavy medal like Mercery to work.  I believe the cost benefit is not there to subject my pigs to toxic mental that never leaves their system. If you feel strongly about vaccines, consult your local Vet. about their recommended vaccine program

I do feel very strongly about worming. I believe it’s the most important preventive measure you can do to keep your pigs healthy. We use Dectomax injectable. There less parasitic resistance. Not only does it treat internal parasites, it very affective controlling external parasites like mites and lice.  It’s a long acting and stays in their system for 22 days. We recommend at least 2 times a year for adults.  We also like to give it to pregnant sows 3 weeks prior to there due date.  This helps the mom and piglet with any external parasites.