Sheltering your KuneKune can be as simple as a lean-to made of plywood or a Doghouse.  We have a main barn where most of our KuneKune house during the year.  In our outlying Paddocks we have a combination of doghouses and lean-tos.  It is important to keep them sheltered from winter winds,  ice and snow storms.  We add straw to the shelters in winter. Pig tends to burrow in a bed of straw to keep warm.  During the warm months, they tend to shelter to keep safe from prediters.  I'ts critical to keep your barn and there shelters well ventalated during the summer. Pigs can not sweat and can overheat.  There are metal Port a huts available, I feel these would be too hot in summer. I perfer a wood shelter if possable 

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