KuneKune Hoof Care

Once or twice a year pigs need their hooves trimmed. To trim hooves, all you need is a high-speed micro-drill, two able-bodied people, and about 10 minutes. Two small wom­en can handle even a boar, as Kunekunes are so placid.
The easiest way to do this is to separate the pig to be trimmed from the rest of the drift (proper name for pig herd). Put a handful of grain on the ground, squat next to the pig, reach under it and grab the two legs on the far side. Pull the legs toward you and roll the pig onto its back. As soon as the pig is upside down, grab the other front leg so that one is in each hand, straddle the pig — facing the head — and place a foot on each side of the pig’s shoulder. Do not get behind the back legs or you may get kicked. Using a sandpaper cylinder on the micro-drill, level the nail to the nail pad and round off the outside edge. Smooth off the sharp edges of the dew claws. It will not take more than five minutes to do all four. Step off the pig and release hold of the front legs. Reward with a piece of fruit and good scratch. Be sure to stretch your back before doing the next one!